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  1. huge step back at over a year clean

    @dolssa I can relate to everything you are going through. At my 1 year clean mark, I still had 0 motivation and my executive functioning skills were nowhere to be found. While things improved in year 2, it personally me two years to start to feel like I can accomplish things. I am 40 years old with a wife and 2 small children and can say that after 2.5 years, I feel like I've made real progress. More laughing, decreasing anadonhia, executive functioning returning to pre adderall levels - I am not superman but I can generally "adult" reasonably well. It's worth sitting in the shit for another year - don't beat yourself up about doing nothing. Its worth it.
  2. 4 years clean - a recovery timeline

    I am on the same train! I am 23 months and on the same train. It is worth it, things get so much better - life is not perfect but that is ok. Still anhedonic and not sure what I like to do for fun but I am working and social and happy. I still get aggrevated too quickly and intensely but my relationship with my children is so much better - I feel joy with them! I hope year 3 is even better but it's already so worth it!
  3. Just exhausted.

    @sweetupbaaby. That fatigue and getting rid of it is just a function of time. Time, time, time for your adrenal glands to get back to baseline - it takes awhile but not in the grand scheme of life - u have to believe in time and there are hundreds on here like me who can attest that there is a reward for waiting - I know it sucks so bad in the meantime - it sucks so bad and the fact that you are going to work is amazing. I did nothing for an entire year and I was 38 with wife and 2 kids and a standard of living that is costly.
  4. It's okay

    @sweetupbaaby. You are not alone and you can totally do this! Recovery is really fucking hard. Dealing with the intensity of the shit is def worth it because overtime you will heal. I can't tell you how low and scared I was. And now I am functioning at a reasonable level. I had really intense suicidal ideation but it is currently completely gone and I don't feel close to that edge in any way. I have a good job that I enjoy and am good at it - still totally learning things that most professionals work through in 20s and 30s :). My family life is stable and I am starting to feel joy from my kids. But I am still not perfect - I struggle with weed/alcohol/diet and at the moment excercise. I am not perfect, never was and hopefully I can address these things more when i am ready. But thankfully, I dont have any Adderall around nor do I have easy access and thankfully/luckily no real Adderall cravings. I know the other stuff really slows down brain healing but this is where I am at the moment.
  5. set back

    Hang in there dolssa - it WILL get better. At 6 months I didn't feel a wink better - full throttle depression and complete loss of executive functioning skills... At 1 year 6 months I am working productively and my depression is so so so much less intense. The anhedonia is loosening up a little but I am still dealing with it. Because I just need more time for the one
  6. Sober asf

    I def lost my wit big-time and wit is a big part of my identity. It sucks and I am not going to lie - it takes a hot minute to get it back - but it DOES come back. The only thing to do is buckle up and hold on and know it's going to really suck for a good amount of time. But there is hope things better things change.
  7. Zoom Meetup

    I would be interesting in joining as well. Problem is I am quarantining with my wife 2 kids and in-laws and this is something I would want total privacy to do comfortably. Please include in the invite and I will try my best... For anyone writing on the 12 step/letter writing thread - this sounds like the start of something
  8. Irritability

    @HairsprayQueen. My Irritability was EXTREME in early recovery and, while improving, is still an issue. I share a 1200 sf apartment with a 5 and 4 year who were 4 and 3 during early recovery. The level of my irritability was awful and scary. I handled the first 3 weeks of quarantine with working and homeschool/24-7 childcare reasonably well but an starting to slip where the irritability is intensifying again. I am trying to control it and use CBT skills but failing for the most part.
  9. Yes I was prescribed for 10 years - my story arch very similar to many... First 5 years was amazing and life changing for the better - I would say next 2 years a plataue and when I first starting taking more. I would say after 7 years I was totally addicted and started to see personality change for the worst. Around 6 months before being admitted I started to feel manic and noticed I couldn't really "come down" from it. At this point I was abusing uncontrollably until I started getting paranoid and couldn't hide my personality change from friends and family and was over the top awful to my wife. I was prescribed 10 mgs which is why it took so long for me to cross the line into disaster. At the end I was taking 30-40 mgs which may be some prescribed dose but 3x plus from i was prescribed which is mega abuse. I am now around 16 months clean - year 1 I couldn't get off the couch - finally got a job after year 1 and now I am able to muddle through but still recovering.
  10. My intervention was in the form of being admitted to the psych ward for 7 days with amphetamine induced psychosis
  11. Hey Aurora hang in there. I had such intense suicidal ideation in early recovery BUT IT GOES AWAY, I promise. I wouldn't have believed that if someone told me but with time it gets better! Dig in and with time things get better...
  12. You have all helped me

    Beautifully written. I am with you every step of the way - the intensity and timeline of your recovery matches mine to a T. As you already know from the forums - for long term users like ourselves, recovery takes at least 2 years. Life expectancy is like 85 so we have another 40 plus years! Two years is a no brainier trade-off and the hardest part is behind us. I am 15 months into recovery and going back to work finally starting this Monday. I have a wife and 2 kids and recovery put me out of work for 15 months. Am I "excited" about it - no, because I still suffer from anhedonia - but it's intensity has significantly decreased overtime. Is my personality "whole" again? Not at all - but SIGNIFICANT improvement over time - little by little.
  13. Hey @Lawyer. Welcome to the forums - you are in the right place. I am a professional in my late 30s with wife/kids and the way you write makes me feel like we are in a somewhat similar situations.. One thing is clear - you are very self aware and have a good grasp on your situation - the fact that you are able to feel joy and laughter and happiness after the acute stage is a GREAT sign... It means you are not too late... Honestly - I would do what you need to do to get on short term disability and then have the option of going on long term if you are still sick. That is in no way immoral and exactly what it's there for - you are going to be too sick to work and need to focus on your health. With 60% of your pay (tax free) hopefully you can keep afloat and even keep the option of returning to the job at some point. Sadly for me, at the end of my use I was so manic that I quit a perfectly good job with dillusional aspirations of self employment. I am 9 plus months clean and just now starting to look and interview for jobs. Feel free to reach out openly on the forum or privately if you want to connect more in depth.
  14. 15 Months (457 Days) Clean

    Congrats @DrewK15. Likewise your post gives me hope and I appreciate you taking the time to check in here! @eric hang in there buddy. Recovery is really hard but it's also so obvious that stim use simply won't help anything. As everyone on this forum will tell you - once you cross the line with the addy the honeymoon phase will not repeat itself. Stims are simply not an option despite how hard things are...
  15. NAD+ IV Therapy = Miracle

    I am going to try NAD+ either today or sometime this week. The depression is so strong that I can't imagine being able to "exaggerate" or feign positive feelings unless it really provides relief. Will report back - fingers crossed... Love to everyone regardless of where they are in the recovery process!