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  1. Haven't been on in a while. I quit Adderall for about 4-months cold....took a leave from school...will be back this Fall. I now ONLY use Adderall 3-4 days of the month and ONLY when necessary to assist with EXTREME work.
  2. Thank you for the replies. @FALCON, I do very much want to quit taking Adderall; however, I need to be pragmatic and quit in between semesters--not while finals are getting close. This is what I was interested in finding out. Your story is similar to mine, except I took Adderall to study for the LSAT, while you had the gumption to quit before taking the MCAT. I'm happy to find out that over time your non-stimulated cognitive abilities have been increasing with practice--this gives me hope.
  3. Hi Katie, After barely making it through high school, I ended up seeing a Psychiatrist the summer before starting at a crappy local college, and he diagnosed me with ADHD & prescribed me with Adderall. Adderall made me an academic superstar, and allowed me to be one of the few junior transfers to Yale. So, unlike yourself, where you actually got through a portion of your education successfully without Adderall--I have not and am afraid the level of intellectual strength I need for what I'm doing is not possible without stimulants. My mother wants me to quit school and work a retail job as she is afraid of my health degenerating (she's a bit histrionic at times); however, there is no way I could go from Yale and Stanford Law to minimum wage retail...I just cannot do it. I see what you guys are saying, and in my heart I know it's true, but I just don't want to accept it. Maybe I can practice an easy type of law without Adderall. That anecdote is very accurate IMO. Often times I'll be on Adderall days leading up to an exam and the day after the exam when I'm off of Adderall--I can't recall anything...literally. Thank you for your reply--I can totally relate. When I was studying for the LSAT, being on Adderall made it so incredibly fun to study, my brain was on-fire, and ended up getting a 177 out of 180. When I tried to study off of Adderall, I just couldn't comprehend the complex logical reasoning need to succeed an my score would take a huge it like 162ish. But, you said your life has become so? I've become a recluse, studying alone, alienating everyone I know, I spend a good 3-4 hours high on Adderall...and the rest of the day crashing and being paranoid about my heart-beat. I just want to be normal and get a girlfriend, have friends, work-out, etc. I guess I'm just really afraid of losing everything I've worked for....
  4. FALCON, I appreciate your lucid words of wisdom regarding Adderall. I'm 23 years old and male--you were right about my gender by the way. You are completely right about the fact that if needing Adderall is required for getting through law school, working as a lawyer will probably require similar stimulant induced stimulation. That is something I've been trying not to think of, as my hope is that somehow I will develop a natural coping method or even possibly outgrow it. The fact is, I have no other option than to complete law school as it is the only avenue that will allow me to make a comfortable living for myself. Falcon, you are also right about me trying to conform to other people's expectations; however, I've come to far down this road to turn back now, I'm afraid. If others have academic related experiences, I'd love to hear it. Falcon, congrats on 22 days clean! I hope to be where you are before Adderall really fucks me over.
  5. Upon reading the various articles on this site, the general narrative seems to be that quitting Adderall is hard, you'll have to force yourself to study/work, etc.; however, there seems to be a dearth of info regarding coping with the new weaker cognition. See, I can do without Adderall in my life so long as I need not face something very intellectually taxing such as law school. For me, not only do I have the inability to focus and concentrate, but reading and comprehending convoluted and complex legal/philosophical rhetoric is virtually impossible without stimulants--I just can't understand anything. My question is for those of you that are in academia and have quit Adderall--how have you remained competitive in your respective programs? Is this something that is possible?