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  1. Please Donate operates at a cost of roughly $1000 yearly and is funded entirely by members like you and me. Please donate to help Quitting Adderall help others. To donate please use the below link to be redirected to a paypal page.
  2. One Word Status Update

    spring finally
  3. the end

    just like that he was able to focus and concentrate. Learning new skills and applying to an interesting new job. Just like that he found a way to deal with his anger.
  4. the end

    Just like that. As quickly as the depression descended like a dark fog. The depression he had been lost in for so long just lifted just like that and it was a nice day so he made some tea. The depression never returned and this man lived his life to his fullest never to return to that deep dark place ever again. Just like that.
  5. I'm thankful for nice fall bike rides.
  6. One Word Status Update

    grind (back to)
  7. One Word Status Update

    pretty great
  8. Four Years Ago Today

    Wow. Can't believe you've been quit for 4 years. That also means I have a 4 year anniversary coming up. Wow. I'm super busy these days new job and probably should get back to work but I'm glad I checked in today. Make sure you do something nice for yourself today. Little changes daily make big changes happen. Congrats.
  9. Ticker gone ?

    I don't think the new (upgraded) site software supports the tickers...
  10. One Word Status Update

    Whatever the mind can conceive the mind can achieve.
  11. the end

    just like that he hired a book keeper and got his $ shit together.
  12. the end

    Just like that he became a trusted member of the team. Just like that he executed on a complex task with style.
  13. One Word Status Update

    today was pretty great.
  14. the end

    Just like that he met a smoking hot french girl and a new career started to fall in place. With sometime, practice and discipline and one day it will all just come together.
  15. The +2 Year Mark No

    close to 4 years later I am very aware of depression, what causes it and how to deal with depressive episodes. When I look back on my usage of Adderall I really did use it to cope with depression. I really did feel like it solved my depression issues early in my usage. When I quit I experienced a prolonged and extreme depression. I eventually emerged. Ultimately some tasks like taxes, work email are just painful without adderall... you just learn to plow through them. This takes time and practice. Motivation is a question of passion for me. I need to love a task to be motivated. Not every task is loveable tho so you just get through it.
  16. One Word Status Update

    met a girl.
  17. One Word Status Update

    feeling good!
  18. Ticker gone ?

    Happy new year. Mike did an update on the sites forum software over the holidays and the update seems to have wiped out the tickers. Not sure how to get them back. I will look into soon as I have time.
  19. One Word Status Update

    Happy new year. Mike did an update on the sites forum software over the holidays and the update seems to have wiped out the tickers.
  20. One Word Status Update

    Merry Christmas
  21. One Word Status Update

    End of year wrap up.