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  1. Been having some troubles sleeping through the nights lately anxiety or whatever typical bs. Anyways tried some herbal melatonin and had one of the best nights rest I can recall had a lot of dreams also way more then normal not sure why maybe because I was actually sleeping all night.
  2. Think if I put this in here may hold myself more accountable. I’m going to stop laying around in my bed unless I’m sleeping or having sex in 2018. Starting my resolution early today wish me luck.
  3. Merry Christmas

    Well hard to believe this will be my 3rd addy free Christmas. It’s sometimes a little disappointing most my family knows that I quit both adderall and OxyContin but I never get any follow up or little congrats. I’m sure most have the slightest clue how difficult this has been or just not sure if it should be brought up. But know all you in here do and even though I don’t know your faces definitely feel like most of you are family so have yourself a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!
  4. I’ve yet to see any talk of lithium orotate on here maybe overlooked it or maybe it’s never been discussed. You may hear the word lithium and discussion over. Before you jump to conclusions do your research. This is completely different than the prescription lithium. The possible benefits to post adderall users are many. It’s sad not one doctor in my life has suggested giving this supplement a try with my lifelong low level depression issues. But of course why would a doctor suggest a non-prescription they can never benefit from. It’s not expensive can be ordered off amazon and may help improve your long road of adderall recovery. I’ve taken it for a few days myself and can already feel some improvement. I will follow up in 30 days or so to determine if this is a placebo effect or not. But given all the possible benefits felt it was worth posting now.
  6. Well after a months time still feel this supplement is beneficial. Id actually compare the results to Wellbutrin. No it’s not a magic pill but yes it does help with depression. I’m going to continue taking this maybe test out a little higher or lower dosage see what happens.
  7. Take it or Tough it out?

    Glad your trying other routes. Prozac has pushed hard to not be labeled a stimulant but it obviously is. It kills your appetite can’t sleep much and raises anxiety so how can it not be? But unlike adderall it’s just a shitty stimulant high I’m not saying adderall is good of course but if u took both yourself then you know what I mean. What’s scary is pre-internet people who took all these meds probbably told doctors and back then they could just lie and say it’s just them nothing wrong with meds. At least now we take meds have horrible side effects it’s pretty easy to find out your not alone.
  8. Glad it’s helping your anxiety. It does not seem to make me tired but know for some it does. Switch it up before bedtime see if that helps.
  9. 36 hr fasting

    I was gunning for just 24 but the day I stopped eating had a really late dinner like 9:30pm. So once I hit 24 just thought what the hell make it until morning. From all the YouTube’s health gurus what I’m learning to burn fat it’s not about how much but how often and of course can’t be McDonald’s. Also found out the myth I believed about loosing muscle by not eating for a fast is not true. You’d have to hit a true starvation state before that happens. Interesting fact the longest recorded fast was 382 days. Man weighed at the start 456lbs and went down to 180lbs at the end just getting energy all that time from his own fat reserve.
  10. 36 hr fasting

    Did a fast for 36 hrs only had water, supplements and black coffee yesterday. Just doing some hardcore dieting shit to get ripped “my new hobby”. Even did a workout during the fast. I’m not promoting not eating did a lot of research felt it would benefit my goal. But reason I’m sharing this is after you quit adderal u can have more control over food vs even on adderall. Definitely not something you go for your first couple months or even year. Never during my addy days did I go that long without eating then again had no health goals. I didn’t always eat much but always grazed like a cow eating Reese’s pieces etc crap basically. I now weighing around 168 during my addy days about 190. What I gained from this was appreciation for food how lucky Iam to never have to go through that without choice. I plan on doing it one day a month along with my daily intermittent fasting. I have never had a 6 pack or 4 pack would like to have one by my 40th birthday to prove my teenage son who said sarcastically, “Dad your days of having a 6 pack are long gone.” Lol smart ass but gave me motivation.
  11. Libido, where'd you go? I miss you.

    It comes back after you quit but I can’t speak for woman though. If your on antidepressants that’s your issue.
  12. Doubt it too many parents who have little Billy jacked up on addy and making straight A’s in school will scream anyone trying to speak truth on addy. Anytime FB has a story about the adhd medications I see feedback from parents telling people there kid has changed his or hers life and adderall is the best thing in the world. They don’t care to hear the truth because good grades and kids who behave is more important vs long term effects. Mostly same parents who are against any form of pot legalization because that’s a gateway drug yet speed is just fine for children lmao.
  13. Ok got a app that shows my beats per minute. I avg around 85 bpm in non exercise mode. To me that seems high I’m 39 yrs old 5’9” weigh around 175. I’m sure years of adderall use probbably bumped it up wondering if anyone has successfully lowed theirs post adderall and what you did. Guessing I need to do more short sprint exercise runs something like that but not sure.
  14. Want to lower my bpm

    My avg heart rate went from 68 down to 60 last couple weeks. I’ve found the stair climber at the gym really raises it fast durning a work out so hit around 170-180 for about 15 minutes plus do weights other stuff. Anyways think I’m doing pretty good considering how much I abused my body. Sometimes I was taking so many pills destroying myself I like felt my my mom cry for me although she didn’t even know.
  15. Hell it could be all in my head let me know if it helps you out. I can’t promise it will make a big difference but can promise no horrible ass side effects like most suicide pills whoops I mean antidepressants.
  16. So far still feel it has been very beneficial. It does not really give like a energy boost but gives me noticeable motivation and overall depression issues much improved.
  17. Coping with Boredom?

    ‘Countin' flowers on the wall, that don't bother me at all Playin' solitaire 'til dawn, with a deck of fifty-one Smokin' cigarettes and watchin' Captain Kangaroo Now don't tell me I've nothin' to do’ Boredom = motavtion to do something. I’d say if your feeling bored that’s a good thing. For most of my recovery doing absolutely nothing was just fine with me.
  18. Take it or Tough it out?

    What the real problem is the risk are played down by doctors. You buy this medication and read the warning labels it straight up tells you all the possible risk. So why do doctors just shrug off those side effect warnings? Well they are in the buisness of selling them. They basically told me that those side effects are very rare you should be fine. Truth is it’s not that rare and they are misinforming patients. Leslie your not being paranoid questioning your doctor. You are past the point of being a lab rat of Big pharma you know the side effects of medication you should have never been given. Just like the doctor claims you shouldn’t have withdrawal from your dosage of addy she would probably say the same for any bad symptoms from a SSRI. The best thing is diet, talking to a therapist and plenty of sunlight. Also trying supplements one I mentioned and many more others have had listed on here. If you feel you absolutely must be on a medication like Sean said try Wellbutrin a non SSRI antidepressant. I was on it myself awhile seemed to help some and had little problem stopping it.
  19. Take it or Tough it out?

    Eric you did have something to lose taking a SSRI. I don’t feel it’s a last resort option for anyone considering suicide it’s just too fucking dangerous. Thinking and doing are completely different for many it pushes them over that edge. You were lucky many are not and it ruins life’s yet doctors do not fully explain the real risk. I’ll be honest two years clean I’d go back to being a fuck up addy junkie before resorting to trying a SSRI again for depression because it literally made me want to stab myself, it was just the most fucked up thing I’ve ever felt. I know it did not have that effect on you or does everyone but my case is not that rare see video link. Nothing against what your saying Eric know your trying to help but I just stand my ground on this subject.
  20. Take it or Tough it out?

    I’m not a professional but my opinion from experience, Fuck No! Why would you take a medication to help depression when one of the side effects can be worse depression and suicidal or homicidal thoughts? It’s a fucking joke go look up how SSRI’s we’re passed swifitly by the FDA. I read a book about it been awhile back but it’s disgusting. By the way not only will it prob make you feel worse but must likely also have no sexual desire “limp dick”, no real appetite, heartburn and possible psychotic episodes (for me was like a horrible anxiety attack almost like bad acid trip) . This shit will not make you happy it makes you at best numb feel no joy or sadness. It’s a crime this shit is given out doctors are fucking blind to the truth or don’t care. Try supplements again preaching this on here people probbably get sick of it but try Lithium Orotate I wrote up in the supplement section and have a link. At worse it doesn’t work and you waste $8 compared to what can happen on a SSRI it’s a no brainer. Side note my 14 yr old niece 3 weeks ago went to the er for trying to off herself with pills. Thankfully it was just some max strength aspirin but took the entire bottle. She is ok thankfully but a week prior she started a SSRI because she was feeling a little sad. You know what they said at the hospital? “Yes we see this a lot when patients start a new antidepressant.” What really upset me was I told my sister my thoughts on this shit long ago.
  21. Just need to vent

    Good luck really hope it benefits u and others on here much as it has me. Any questions feel free to message me. I know sound like some spokesman selling some bs but it really has made a noticeable difference in my case hope it continues.
  22. Just need to vent

    I felt like that understand completely. I hate to push something I haven’t given 30 days but this Lithium Orotate supplement I started about 2 weeks ago has really started to turn things around for me. I’m a few months ahead of you but honestly did not feel different until I started taking it. I actually put up Xmas lights on my house , rearranged my bedroom, really organizing my office finally after two years. Started selling or throwing away crap I don’t need. I still take breaks etc not like some addy binge but I finally have motivation to do more than the bare minimum during a day. Of course sticking to a good diet and exercise regrually know that helps also. Just google it see what you think long as your not taking some form of antidepressant be perfectly safe to try.
  23. About to lose it all

    They key to a massive heart attack is taking adderall and running long distances. I work out way more now vs on addy but whenever I did felt my heart about to explode. My kids were one of the main reasons I quit even though on addy many times I’d be up all night like a mad scientist making some crazy electronic thing for them to play with. But overall they needed me vs some stupid gadget I created staying up all night building that was my thing on addy my shop lights never shut off. But I had a lot of regrets many weekends I’d skip going to the park with them over working in my shop and did that for several years. You may feel after stopping your a worse parent for awhile but don’t let that burden you. Yes you’ll be struggling awhile but in the long run it will benefit you and your kids in so many ways. Good luck visit this site often.
  24. 2 yrs and counting.

    Thanks sometimes I wonder if my post help or hurt I don’t filter a lot of my emotions on here just let it go sort of like our president on Twitter lol.
  25. 2 yrs and counting.

    So I still have my video saved from me putting my prescriptions in the paper shredder on this day. Hard to believe 2 yrs in some ways I’m very pleased at my progress other times disappointed. I know many people have used list of task to complete things post addy. I’ve just never been that kind of person but know I really should. I’m more of it comes time I get things done problem is post addy you don’t have that spike of motivation to complete task out of nowhere so more things get pushed to the side. One of my goals this next year into recovery is to force myself to have a daily list of task to complete. Another one is stopping wasting so much time on social media I tell myself it’s important for my buisness but that’s a lie. I find myself scrolling down non stop clicking on stupid crap all the time wasting countless hours. But even with all my faults I’ve come so far completely out of debt and financially doing pretty good. I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving and some can use my story of quitting as inspiration.