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  1. Anyone here completely back to normal?

    I totally agree with Cassie, it's easier to see your progress over years rather than months. It takes me 4 years to feel back to normal life. Yeah it is not that easy, it will take a lot of courage and determination to do it. I'm grateful that I've been helped by my therapist in Addiction Rehab Hope Treatment Center. He's the one who helps me to bring back my normal life, I really thank him a lot. I'm proud to say that I'm 6 years sober and clean now, I enjoy living free and happy.
  2. scars saved my life

    that's good to hear. being sober is verry dificult to achieved. it's a long and wide journey indeed. but there is no impossible if your motivation is high enough. Sober is not that far if your will to fight this disease is too strong. And lastly, if your hopes and faith is unbreakable. I salute you for your achievement. Congratulations, you deserve to be happy For those of you guys still struggling because of their addiction, not only from adderall, there are so many ways to battle this. It's never too late to quit. I know it is easier said than done, but believe me, motivation is the key. Motivate and believe to your self that no matter how hard or strong the urge to stop your addiction, there are so many ways to reach the goal of being sober. Start by questioning yourself. are you doing your part or all you have got to stop addiction? maybe yes, you are trying to quit, but ask yourself. Are you doing it right? is temptation easy to penetrate you? start programming yourself to take a series of steps to reach your limit. Just for instance, registering from some community sites like this one is a great help. You can encounter some people who are in the same situation as you, exchange some info and tips and supports each other. Go and break your shell. Don't be in a same place over and over again. We are lucky to live in this generation. If you want something to know, just look on the net and, boom! all you need and want to know is already there, waiting for you to explore. Seize and use this moment to your advantage. Going to rehab is a good choice to. I have met many people who had a success after getting themselves in a rehab. I believe there are too many rehab here in US, so finding one is not that too hard. It only depends on where you from and of course how it cost. But just like i said, you can use our technology now for your own advantages. If you want to know more about a rehab center or how treatment program works, just hit your keyboard. For an instance you're an alcoholic and you are from Arizona, you can research some different alcohol abuse treatment centers (i made a link to serve as an example) in that place. But, heck, i know you already know that guys. Anyway, i m just trying to help here. No matter how good a treatment is, in the end, it is still in your hands on how to shape your future.
  3. Not sure I can quit

    You need to have courage, strong will and full commitment on ending your addiction issues. I know it would be hard at first but it's the only thing you need to do if you want to get rid of Adderall addiction in your life. You could go to AA meetings, consult a drug counselor or go to a rehab center, btw, I stumbled upon this website, Drug Recovery Center Gresham OR while finding some ways to help you with your situation. I know you need advice and support and we're all here for you. All I can do is to cheer you up and give you some encouraging words, so hopefully it could help you. You can do it, just be strong!
  4. 2 Years

    nice! good way to do this new year
  5. One Word Status Update

    wew! what an add! anway, just want to vent in, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eembarassed
  6. 4 Years!!

    Great job! Keep it going! We are all proud of you
  7. Day 4 of quitting and i have no Motivation

    Great job for your day 5! Just don't give up everything will be fine
  8. One Word Status Update

    1 whole month depress i want to c**!

    way to go everyone! congratulations on your recovery! wishing you all success
  10. good to know you are okay. Hang in there, and keep it up
  11. Adderall Ruined my Sex Life

    how's everything gone through? hope you are now in a good shape my friend
  12. Favorite things about being adderall-free!

    i'm enjoying my food lately, and beginning to like some computer games again
  13. How I Quit

    thank you for sharing your story blueskies.
  14. One Word Status Update

    i wonder where's everyone. so quite around this part
  15. One Word Status Update

    bored, numb at the same time
  16. planning to run for an hour today
  17. Finally, People Who Understand

    There are times our lives paved with dark, but no matter what happen, everything will be sure okay
  18. Forced to be 6 days sober....

    i know for some reason that you can beat this crap out of you, i believe in you. the fact that you build so much courage to post your story is quite a remarkable one, and i salute you for that
  19. Spitting Venom

    Hi there! first, welcome to the forum! Thank you for this nice share, i enjoy reading it
  20. WIll I Ever STOP Thinking About Adderall??????

    it will eventually fell off. It will be hard and a long battle to win, just keep strong. Stay healthy. Take care.
  21. How do you stop missing it?

    i second Zerokewl, it will get off eventually. Try to explore new things that will caught your attention. Do things you love doing. Do some running and eat an healthy diet.
  22. What have you learned from recovery?

    hello there Ashley likewise, Patience is what i learned through recovery. a very long patience