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Hey guys,

I haven't seen this posted on the forum yet, so I wanted to start a discussion on this. Has anyone here tried or even heard of the Ketogenic diet? I'm giving it a try, and my results have been stellar so far after recently coming off of the devil (Addy). I refer to it as the 'Lebron James Diet' with friends since he and many other athletes of late have used Ketogenic diets to improve physical performance and mental energy/clarity. Lebron lost ~25 pounds and absolutely gained more strength. I also remember reading some super long distance running records have been broken in recent years (100 mile type races) on Ketosis. Physical performance/increased energy/clarity is just touching the tip of the iceberg in regards to benefits though. The diet burns fat for fuel rather than carbs (whether it be dietary fat or existing fat on your body); and your body will be much more efficient. Eating dietary fat doesn't spike insulin, whereas carbs/sugar directly turn into glucose/sugar after you eat it, spiking your insulin. 

The hardest part in the beginning is getting over the fact that saturated fats/dietary fats will not make you fat, clog your arteries, lead to a host of cardiovascular related ailments (actually the opposite-- high carb/sugar intake will do that with insulin spiking & all that), etc. We can all thank Ancel Keys about 50 years ago for that outright false information regarding saturated fats (do stay away from trans fat). If you're a bit apprehensive about the saturated fat thing, do a little research or ping me for some guidance. I've spent quite a bit of time educating myself. 

70%+ of your calories will be coming from fat, and ~5% from carbs. After you make the adjustment (will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks), you'll find your cravings for carbs are gone and these high fat/moderate protein meals keep them satisfied for a loong time.

I can eat all the butter/ghee, bacon/sausage, coconut milk, eggs, grass fed higher fat meats, avocados, olive oil, MCT oil, etc as I want. Personally, I approached this slowly and over the course of 2 months I gradually increased fat and decreased carbs/sugar. Several days ago, I set my mind to go all out. My carbs now come from pretty much just veggies. I live with some 'normies', so I'll sneak a little bread here and there, but not enough to bring me out of ketosis. It's also not a big deal to go in and out of ketosis once your body initially adapts; however the older and more insulin resistant you are, the harder it may be to switch back and forth once you adapt.

My physique, face and skin are looking better than they have in many years, I'm super lean (say goodbye to all that water weight!), and I feel pretty electrified with energy without the use of any stimulants (just vitamins, tea, and some lighter exercise every morning). I also began to make gains in the gym again-- that could also partly be attributed to lifting less often/more rest days. There have been tons of recent positive studies on Ketosis. 

Light-hearted video below, but check YouTube/Amazon/Google for more info on the Ketogenic Diet if interested. 

I'm pretty damn excited. Adderall is in my rear-view mirror.


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The first time I seriously tried the Adkins diet, I noticed the mental clarity improvements right away.  During the initial phase of Adkins (Induction) the goal is to be in ketosis and all it takes is limiting your "net" carb intake to practically nothing - like 15 or 20 grams per day and that isn't much.  I'm glad this way of eating is working for you.  I still question how sustainable eating like this can be good for the long term.  I have only gone back on Adkins about 2 or 3 times since I first tried it, and I not seen the weight loss response as good as the first time, although I am not really overweight.  I really do like the mental clarity a ketogenic diet provides, especially compared to the early days of adderall recovery.  

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