15 months off adderall, 9 days on Wellbutrin

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Hello my brothers and sisters, 

I wanted to share the affects of taking Wellbutrin for 9 days. Its early in the process, but worth posting. I realize everyone reacts differently to antidepressants, but so far so good. My doctor tapered me into 200 mg per day, one hundred in the morning and 100 mg in the afternoon. I wanted to try it after reading the many posts on this site becuase I have been suffering with symptoms of depression. They got worse over the last month, and it scared me. I didnt want to socialize at all, I was unmoitvated, depressed, and generally negative about everything. I thought "Whats the point of all this?" At 15 months sober from 20 years of use, I figured I would have issues, but I didnt expect to suffer from depression. I hated the idea of taking another pill. Like my 15 months of sobriety would mean less if I started on anti-depressants. But thats because Im ignant. LOL So after 9 days,  and it kills me to say this, my wife was right! and I am feeling better.  Its subtle but its there. I am thinking more clearly, have more motivation, my mood and spirituality is better - I feel like I have a closer contact with God - Its helping me motivate for exercise, and I seeing improvements with productivity at work.  OMG I actually feel normal today. I did have 2 bad days over the past 9, but 7 good days....Thank you Lord. I will keep you posted. 

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So happy to hear you found something that helped! I didn't experience any luck with Wellbutrin however I can say I started it when I was likely not fully detoxed from Adderall and my anxiety was super high. I felt super jittery on it and couldn't keep taking it.

It has been a common remedy for some and I hope its positive effects don't diminish for you. Keep posting your progress as it could help others in the future!

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