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  1. Went to neurologist

    Granted this was back in 2013, doctors seem to be changing their story now
  2. Went to neurologist

    Same thing happened to me when I went to a neurologist- he sent me home with more pills insisting I needed them. It further strengthened those thoughts in my head telling me it's okay to take one more pill and one more pill and another and another...
  3. Rehabilitation Just for Amphetamines / Meetups Just for Amphetamines Hello, Does anyone know if such a thing exists as a Rehab SPECIFICALLY for people addicted to ADD meds? Also, is there an Adderallics Anonymous or some support group that is specifically for stimulant prescription abuse? I truly believe that prescription stimulant abusers (pushed by a doctor in the first place!) are a different breed, it effects a different personality type, and has very different withdrawal symptoms than from those coming off alcohol or opiates. However, there seems to be nothing out there to help me and I keep failing alone and I so need someone I can identify with. I am so grateful I found this site.
  4. Seattle WA

    I’m the same
  5. Seattle WA

    Hi, I am in your area. Looking for a support group. I have similar issues as well. Let me know if there are any meetups I can attend.