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  1. DL version helps with my backaches, I still have the pain but it's manageable. I read that the D version is better for the pain. I'm thinking about switching to the D version and see if it's better than the DL, or taking both of them at the same time.
  2. I was probably really low on glad to feel normal again! I think Aspartame contains just L-phenylalanine. D-phenylalanine is not found in food and has to be made in the laboratory. I'm very happy with this supplement. I'm taking DL-phenylalanine but I'm going to try just the D-phenylalanine and see how I feel.
  3. I tried to quit Adderall last year but couldn't make it more than a few months. I got back on it and was feeling disconnected from everything, this time I added daily xanax. I've been working out regularly, eating healthy, and taking a lot of daily supplements (N-Acetyl tyrosine, fish oil, vitamin D, Curcumin, Magnesium, Multi vitamins, CLA, tart cherry extract, CoQ10, PQQ, Lysine, Cruciferous Vegetable, and about 5-6 other supplements- each of those have many different neurotransmitters, minerals, and vitamins. Also recently added niacin, L-glutamine, Glycine). Nothing works like DL-phenylalanine. I've been dealing with extremely emotional trauma and have been questioning about the meaning of life. I couldn't see the point of life because we are all going to die anyway... I couldn't feel any pleasure in life.... everything was just blahs. Now I can see why people want to live- life is about feeling, pleasure, sensation. DLP makes me feel content, bliss, happy, satisfied, and reduces my chronic back pain (I normally take xanax for my back pain, hate pain killers because it makes dizzy/sick) I almost forgot what it felt like to be alive- the beautiful weather, soft comfortable blanket, the smell of flowers etc. I can sincerely laugh and be happy again. I feel love and peace in my heart. I know L-tyrosine takes less steps to convert to dopamine, but there is something about DL-phenylalanine...maybe it's the D-phenylalanine that coverts to phenylethylamine- the love chemical. I don't normally post but I am just so excited to be able to feel excited again!!!
  4. It's ok in a small amount. But if I take too much, I'd feel wired and sometime headache. I prefer DL-phenylalanine over L-Tyrosine.
  5. Where did you go to detox/rehab to get clean?

    Any recommendations for treatment centers in Seattle WA? I would prefer an inpatient place where I still have access to my phone and internet. When I was on adderall, I worked out a eating all day long but usually get super hungry at night. I binged/ purged every night. Now that I am off, I am gaining tons of weight. I have no energy to work out and I binge/purge all day long. I am about to relapse and really need to be monitored.
  6. Seattle WA

    No more headache, no more stomached, no more anxiety/paranoia/angry for no reasons...guess I start to feel more like a normal person. However, I still can't stop thinking about adderall...often dream about it. Right now, I don't have the energy/motivation to work out or do anything. I've been eating way too much and gaining tons of weigh. I've been thinking about life...I've done many things that I regret and it's too late to fix. When I was on adderall, I just did't care about anything or anyone. Now I have to face the reality and I am not sure if I can make it. I was using it everyday for the past 4-5 years....tried to quit many times but didn't work. I hope I can make it this time. So glad I found this site.
  7. Seattle WA

    Anyone in Seattle WA? I have been off adderall for 5 weeks now....still can't stop thinking about it. I don't want to be in a rehab, but I'd like to join a local support group. I'm also suffering from eating disorder (binge eating and bulimia). Hope to hear from you.