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  1. I totally agree with JustinW.
  2. I didn't "get it" the whole addiction thing. For almost my whole life it just didn't make sense to me. Why don't the people just get the strength and stop? I never realized the physical and mental withdrawal/depression was so strong. Seeing comments recently about this actor dying got under skin as well. Chances are I might have been one of the people throwing stones even a year ago. I too wouldn't wish addiction on my worst enemy even being someone that abused for a shorter period that most on here. I don't think you're ever out of the woods with addiction and it's unfortunate and scary. As much as NA/AA isn't my thing{maybe not just yet}, I'm still glad it exists for those that huge amount of people that do.
  3. Better Sleep

    You're not alone with the multivitamin/sleep problem{non-Gnc}. I gave it 3 tries and never again. Got a total of zero hours of sleep.
  4. Nervous and Need Advice

    No problem. You'll have ups and downs but the ups will always follow no matter how unimaginable they may seem at the time.
  5. A Little Wisdom From You Guys Could Help

    As a friend you never met, I hope you would try any other means besides a stimulant.{Hypnosis, meditation, yoga, exercise}. Like someone said previously- "no one plans to become addicted " Once your brain recognizes that "good feeling" it can't turn the clock back and forget without going through the hell that a lot of us have been through. My good feeling kept me calm and at peace while my world around me I just let collapse. I'm towards the very lower end of time on/abusing and I feel like I went through depression/hell not to mention financial ruins. You really can do it without this junk. It was only a few months for me using and then abusing, but it's really fcked my life up.
  6. A Little Wisdom From You Guys Could Help

    Couldn't agree more. I have a history of depression and anxiety. Im not saying that I don't haven't always had adhd symptoms, but once I started adderall all of the bad stuff SEEMED to have gone anyway. It took distorted what reality actually was and i needed more to continue to feel "good". Eventually you find out the hard way that what problems you left are still at day one and you feel them 10x more. I never used them for school purposes, but being an older fart I just wanted to have a brain that worked normal and not scattered. Hind sight is always 20/20. Take it from someone that doesn't drink or "do drugs". This stuff can have you hooked sooooooo fast. Part of me thinks I was hooked from the first pill{low dose}. The cons outweigh the pros 100/1. It stinks people have to find out the hard way. But I guess that's why were here-to learn, support or warn.
  7. Better Sleep

    I thought I was the only that got the shaft from Melatonin. Seems like once it wears of you're shit out of lucky trying to get back to sleep unless you have something else up your sleeve{or in your system}.

    Thank you. Keep it goin...

    40 days adderall free(including today)
  10. Nervous and Need Advice

    This is a pretty blunt and honest board. Being with someone that uses or abuses is going to make it remarkably difficult to stop. I'm just being honest, but it will make chances of recovery 50x harder than it has to be. Please take that respectfully.
  11. Nervous and Need Advice

    No one is here to pressure you. You come clean when you're ready. I found that reading stories and venting/bitching helped me.
  12. Nervous and Need Advice

    There are plenty of people on here that live and relate to your life. Can you get back to life and be adderall free? Absolutely. It's going to be a process and there will be lots of lows before highs , but you can do it. It doesn't sound like your if the paper is your reason not to stop now but that's just my 2 cents. When you're ready there are plenty of us here to help. I was looking for the nearest cliff last week but I'm not this week. Stick around and read stories. I can tell you one thing for sure. You're not alone at all in your abuse, depressions etc etc
  13. Nervous and Need Advice

    For starters are you taking it as prescribed, abusing, not prescribed at all? Quitting is all about whether you want to or not regardless of life circumstance{school, work, high, depression etc}.
  14. First Anniversary

  15. I have to quit this time

    Welcome to the forum. Consider this your space to vent-be yourself. Find out the true reasons you use and why you keep getting pulled back. If you're truthful with yourself it will at least be a guide. No one will force you to stop or pressure you here. I learned my vices are depression, anxiety and being lonely. Im just giving my 2 cents. It's not easy to stop, but it can be done if you really want to. If you read more, you will find out why your "happy" brain chemicals aren't working so well if at all. Just browse around here. Today might not be your day to quit, but you will defintely learn A LOT and it will help when you are ready to quit.