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  1. Day 4, sucking more than day 1

    Searchingsoul9 It should be Day 7 for you jest checking in how are you doing stay strong your crash landing should jest about be over. FALCON
  2. ItsTIME....

    Hi you finally came to the cross road you finally hit bottom I know its a hard realization for you right now. I also was a big party animal like your self I us to think I was a functioning addict but i was not at all my family and good friend watched me decline over the years because of my drug abuse they told me to stop taking addearll and xanax. I did not listen to them I needed to hit bottom like your self to realize how self destructive my life was I lost a lot . lost my marriage lost the respect of my my two kids whom I love very much lost a very good business because I was spending to much money on my self and every one around me I was a hi roller making 6 figures a year .I was taking 60 to 90 milligrams of addarell a day on top of that 8 milligrams of xanax and alcohol. It was all legally with prescriptions .I do not want to see you go thru the same life style as I have learn from my mistakes learn from my experience don’t make the mistakes I have made in my life and all the stupid ass shit I have don to my body stop addarell your still relatively young . It took me 10 days to detox from my addarel abuse .it took me one full year to wean my self off the xanax 0.25milagrames per every 3 weeks xanax is not a drug you can jest stop using there is a medical risk factor You should be happy that you hit bottom some times it takes a person to hit the bottom in order to come to the realization that there is no way out except 6 more feet down if you no what I mean .So my brother your store is so familiar to me reading your post sounds like my life at one time . If you have the will power and commitment to stop using addarell you will become a different person butt understand this it is a slow process and not a over night fix its day by day month by month and year to year. You can change your destiny if your will and commitment is there you will become a different person . when you finally come clean from adderall it will be a slow journey to recovery there is no fast way its day by day you will have moistly bad days but eventually the bad days will turn into good days .Every one needs a soul mate and yours will come to you when your not expecting .So get your head clean if you drink or do weed I have no problem with it moderation is the key don’t let your self get wasted and shit faced where you do stupid ass shit that embarrasses you. Any how welcome to the web site you will get the support you need with our advanced members .You made the right you made the wright dessison jest hang in there you will be OK in about 7 to 10 days grin and bear it please don’t relapse we are all pulling for you good luck. THE FALCON
  3. Day 4, sucking more than day 1

    Searchingsoul9Sorry for my stooped comments I relay don’t know wy I started my post out that way it was not meant to be sarcastic . Yes you can become addicted to anything you consume. I guess I am pissed off at all the drs. for giving us that first pill . LOVE you all FALCON
  4. Day 4, sucking more than day 1

    Searchingsoul9Wait a minute now how is it possible to be a drug addict by using adderal how can a pill you got from your DR. make you a addict is this possible. If you buy the adderal on the street then are you a drug addict if your DR. prescribed 40 milligrams and you make a dissuasion to up your does to 80 milligrams then are you a addict . I cant answer this comment I only know one thing the longer you use the evil pill we call aderall the more you need it because it starts to lose its ineffectiveness . The moral of my stupid story adderall is a very strong drug it will rub your soul sooner and moist likely later you will always have the erg to use it only your will power and the bad experience on it that will stop you from useing . SEARCINGSOUL9 day one is easyer then day 4 aderall is still in your blood it is still in your body for 5 days after your last does you will start to feel better in a couple of days. Day 6 7 8 9 10 and so on will even get easyer you are not a failure addarall will always call you back. I hope this time around you will have a smoother withdraw. GOD BLESS FALCON
  5. Chicago

    Hi my brothers and sisters from another mother I would love to meet up with you all . I will be clean from the evil pill about one year now in late November 2012 I am living in Arlington Hts ill, its about 40 minutes from down town. I am a blues fan and would love to show you guys around town and visit some of my favorite clubs it is always a good time listening to some fantastic local musicians . We can make a week end out of it like a mini vacation. I would love to meet some new friends with the same interest as I have. I lost a lot of friends when I decided to get clean thy where all heavy partyers. I now look back and reflect the only thing I had in cumin with my old friends is getting Hi . Ben there don that no more for me. Your new friend FALCON Yoo ALLY my berthday is april 3 1957 what a trip ha
  6. What do you do to occupy your adderall free life?

    Searchingsoul9 What you are experiencing is abscission when your not working and you have down time your mind is working overtime thinking about probables of general life or jest trying to figure shit out I know I deal with this my self what I do is meditation . Try a yoga class if you can. FALCON
  7. One Month of Sobriety!

    Congratulations brother one month its a mild stone jest think back at your first 5 days you probably was thinking you could not do it well you did it brother you are now in recovery stay strong when you have the erg to pop a pill jest think about your first week in hell and think about the pain you where in then ask your self do I want to be at that place again of course you don’t . Have a great recovery FALCON
  8. Back again. Ready to stop?

    Welcome back don’t beet your self up to mouch you got clean once you can do it again. TRY TRY again we are not judging we will support you like before.You are human not supper woman and aderall is the devil and has supper powers over us be strong. FALCON
  9. Vyvanse - A Smoother Fail

    swervecity Hay my brother if you are trying to justify the use of any type of stimulants its not going to work . This web sit is devoted for peapal who have quit using adderall or who want to stop using any type of stimulants so don’t go there brother you apparently what our permission so you can use VYVANSE its not going to happen .Your mind is already set and there is no one that can change your mind except for YOURSELF. I guess you have not hit the rock bottom jest yet hopefully you will never because its a fucked up place to be as most of our members have bin there and don that .Good luck in your education I sincerely hope the best for you in your journey to higher learning THE FALCON
  10. trying to quiet adderal

    Shorti125 Your still on the fence should I quit or should I use there is nothing we can say to convince you to stop using adderall its all on you its your choice. The best advice I can give you was on my last post if you want to quit using adderall don’t be scared you will not die. Tell your DR. you want to quit the adderal and not to proscribe it to you any more if the junk is at your disposal it will tempt you it will call out your name and nag you like the devil himself your Dr. will most likely tell you to ween off butt I believe the most successful meted is hard cold Turkey. You will not have any medical issues with cold turkey jest plan old misery. Like I said get your ducks in order and jest do it Cametment AND WILL POWER. FALCON
  11. 10 days gone to waste

    KEV hang I there brother you are not a failure it sometimes takes several attempts to quit using adderall . As far as your job do not quit you will be ineligible for unemployment benefits let them fire you if your not preforming your job well. Next time you atempt to quit flush your junk. Tell your DR. not to prescribe you adderall Good luck try try again /////////////// FALCON
  12. trying to quiet adderal

    Shorti125 Hi welcome to this web site before I quit using adderall I sourced the web for a forum on how to quit using adderall this web site and the members are fantastic .You made contact now let see if we can address your problem as you already found out adderall is the mother of all legal stimulants it will take your soul its jest a mater of when . If you want to quit using it most come from within you will power is your best tool also commitment there is no easy way that I know of except cold turkey . First step make your commitment to stop usesing the evil pill . Get some one to help you with your baby for the fist five days ore a week it will be hared to tend to your babys needs when you are withdrawing from adderall you will fell like shit no two ways about it. This web site will give you the support you need Reid it post on it the advanced members all went thru what you will be experiencing. Do not substitute one addiction for a another I mean your adavin you will have the erg to up your bensos when you are in the withdrawal stage of quieting the adderall. Pick a day get your ducks in order and jest stop. We are here for you best wishes FALCON
  13. I hate myself

    kori HI are you still on addarall if you are you need to make the commitment to stop using most likely the reason you are saying and doing stupid shit that embarrass you comes from adderall. You are on a cocktail of deferent medications uppers downers antidepressant meds. I am not saying you should stop using your medications I am sour there is a reason your on them but the adderall most stop if you want to change your life around it takes time and effort to change your life around its not a overnight fix. Sounds like you have a lot of so called friends pick ones that make you comfortable associate with them only. Pick only a few friends that have compation and whom understand. Peapal get a rush out of drama and they feed off it like a good TV show after you get off the adderall you will see your life will become easer to live. I also am on ant depression meds and dealing fine on them depression probably will never leave me alone I jest need to deal with it I have good days but mostly bad days. The meds your on are only a tool your will to feel better comes within your self you most make changes in your mind and life .Sorry to say there is no alternative for bensos before I was a adderall addict I was a Xanax addict for 20 years it took me one full year to step down and stop it was very hard but I did it only with will power and a lot of suffering I hope things will get better for you soon it will take time if you need to vent jest post we all are there for you Your friend FALCON
  14. Help me help my boyfriend

    Dear madeline I have ben thinking of you and the madness your going thru I have read your post again tonight .Well her is my worthless two cents of advice your boyfriend is gong thru something not wright. I have a feeling its more then the normal withdraw symptoms from addarall .If you do not see any improvement in his mood and state of mind after your visit with your friends this week end I think he should see his DR. maybe his medication is not doing him good and may need to be adjusted get him some proper professional help. The members on this web site are a great group of peapal which share experience with quitting addarall and other stimulants but I think your boyfriend has some very deep issues he is dealing with . As for you maybe you need to talk to a professional consoler for your self you speak about the madness in your life wright now I do not want to see you go crazy from all the madness by talking to a professional it my help you deal with it better. Your consernd friend FALCON
  15. Help me help my boyfriend

    madeline You are doing everything wright it sounds like you are a very caring girlfriend and you are defiantly concerned about him .Your boyfriend is going thru the normal crash landing it usually takes 5 to 7 days of hell for him and also on you allso jest keep on doing what your doing for him don't push him at this time in doing anything he is not ready for he needs to crash land at his own pace don't rush him at this time jest be supportive like you have ben . The time will come soon when he feels better to have a conversation about how you feel. Street drugs use and medication are a very bad combination it can have adverse reactions on mood stabilization. Good luck time will heel FALCON