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  1. Wellbutrin

    I believe it was 150. Not too sure. I also on adderall at the time, was drinking a ton of coffee and hadn’t had any sleep the night prior. Yeah please be careful and talk to your doc about it. Seizures are scary
  2. Wellbutrin

    I had a seizure while taking it for only a month
  3. Wrote a 6 page report on Adderall for school

    Nice, can I read it? I'm interested!
  4. Hi all, It's been a while since Ive posted but I do check the site every now and then. I've been off adderall for about 7 months now. It has been a learning experience and I would like to share it.. I recently switched therapists and psychiatrists which has been better help. I was recently going to a clinic which was not the best help as far as figuring out the help I truly needed. I told them how I was diagnosed for ADHD but never actually tested for it. My main symptoms have always been anxiety and depression as result of being a child growing up with domestic violence. They say that it sounds like not sitting still in class and never having proper focus is result of all the problems I was seeing at home. It makes sense. This whole time I diagnosed myself with ADHD expecting a script for adderall to just figure out my life and make me a "normal" student. Kinda sad. I see a lot of people dealing with lack of motivation and tiredness after quitting. I too, suffer from that but I have done some shaping in my life to where I have to push myself to be motivated. My work schedule is me working at 6am which motivates me to get a full nights rest if not I will not be able to work to my fullest potential. Also, pushing myself to see how long I can go without caffeine in the day is another thing Ive been doing just to see what it does to my body. Anyway, just thought I would share this. I hope everyone is doing okay.
  5. France ADHD treatment for children

    Wow crazy interesting!
  6. Quitting Adderall

    I completely understand how you feel. You need to consider your mental health before working towards a big achievement. I got a prescription for adderall because I took on the pressure of attending a university I wasn't ready to attend. I would always be on adderall in class and so amped up about what I needed to do but wouldn't actually get it done. I would create plans for studying but would never do it - WOW talk about ultimate procrastinator. Now, being three months sober and taking a year long break from school, I can say that I finally understand how important it is to learn your body and mind. Know your learning techniques and learn about time management. I've also learned I am actually introverted versus who I was on adderall. I can now spend a whole day alone in my room and charge up for social interactions and be okay with that. Before I was dealing with the left over energy/anxiety adderall gave me and was drinking too much just to relax. Good luck on your journey Austin777
  7. Self Love

    sleepystupid has got a point. be present. There are small things i notice i have again since quitting. Like my sense of humor and my ability listen to people when having a conversation. good choice of throwing the pills down the drain. seriously. stay strong
  8. I wasn't sure where to post this topic so I posted it in general discussion. Has anyone taken Lexapro while on Adderall? While I was on adderall for a year I believed I was depressed and my doctor put me on Lexapro. Now Im almost hitting two months off adderall and I'm thinking I should get off the Lexapro as well. I'm scared I won't be able to handle it and become extremely emotionally unstable- although I feel like I'm emotionally numb most of the time. Any advice? Thank you all for being here.
  9. Hitting One Month w No Adderall

    Hope you both and the pups stayed safe during Irma. It does have 100% to do with what we put in our body. I've been going back and forth from eating really unhealthy to eating extremely healthy. It's a weird balance, but would be more affective if I were to eat 100% healthy. Last night I binged on sherbet ice cream, otis spunkmeyer muffins, and popsicles. Feeling pretty bad about it right now. I am trying to stop drinking but just filling the void with junk food. Its a struggle. I would recommend looking up "Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser" on youtube if you want to start working out. It's about an hour long but I usually do only 20 minutes of it just to get me sweating and endorphins up. Hope you are doing well on your journey too.
  10. Hitting One Month w No Adderall

    OH CONGRATSSS!! We're in this together. How did you notice it stopped working? What's sam-e? Good advice on keeping no crappy food in the hous. Do you work out? I notice i've been drinking more actually which isn't good. I also take 10mg of lexapro everyday. You have such a supportive spirit. Thank you so much
  11. So I'm on one month with no adderall. It's been a struggle. I am hungry all the time, have no motivation, and can see my muscles becoming flimsy. I've been taking L-Tyrosine as recommended as soon as I wake up on an empty stomach- it has been helping. I can see myself gaining weight as a opposed to when I was working out on adderall. It's such a bummer. Though there are some pros to quitting. Time doesn't feel like it's going by as fast. And my mouth isn't as cut up as it use to be. What are so practices that quitters on here have done to help them stay off adderall? To not help them eat all the time? Any book or podcast recommendations? Please help
  12. Kicked the door

    I can relate. Right now I was looking for my phone for about 20 min. I was looking everywhere and 15 minutes in just fucking yelled at the top of my lungs and punched the wall because I was so frustrated... then started crying. Turns out the phone was in my car. Now I'm in an ashamed/embarrassed/pissed mood. This too shall pass for us
  13. Back On Here Again

    Thanks for the tip! i'll buy them as soon as i can. THANK YOU
  14. Back On Here Again

    You're so right. I can completely stress eat no matter what food it is. I just need to put fruits in veggies in front of my face instead of popsicles and chips. Ooooh congrats on your move to manhattan!