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  1. when could i expect to feel better without adderall?

    gosh this sounds like the dream, it definitely does give me hope
  2. when could i expect to feel better without adderall?

    thank you so much for this caring response, i wish i knew someone like you in real life, this was a blast of grounded and thoughtful positivity and i really appreciate it
  3. when could i expect to feel better without adderall?

    this is so sweet, thank you <3
  4. Confused

    I would trust yourself when it comes to what you think is best, from your medication experience and the resolve to quit, you may be in the perfect phase to find yourself happy without them. I would honestly share your thoughts you posted here with your therapist and see what recommendations she has. Especially because she seems to pay attention and have your best interests in mind. The only other thing I could suggest (and that you probably already know) is to not be so hard on yourself with the ups and downs of your transition. Exercising for now could just mean taking a short walk to a friend's house or standing up to stretch every once in awhile. Best of luck xx
  5. when could i expect to feel better without adderall?

    can't argue that xo
  6. when could i expect to feel better without adderall?

    I think thats the case for a lot of people, How old were you when you started and quit if you don't mind me asking? I'm afraid I don't know who my old self would be xx
  7. when could i expect to feel better without adderall?

    Thank you so much for this thoughtful response. I don't know if you meant to but this actually gave me a clear goal to work for, Finding self confidence in doing things on my own. I am absolutely okay with being a lazy slacker, my confession to my therapist about the problem began because I couldn't understand how I could be on adderall and still be stuck trying to get the things done that I wanted to. I hope you find your way out of this adderall mess. xx
  8. Confused

    Your post says you started back in May 2013, is Adderall the only stimulant you have tried? I am in the planning stages of actually quitting with my therapist and psychiatrist, and though our medication histories are certainly a lot different, I would ask your doctor about some kind of less severe medication to help you transition. Though they have been rare, I have had days where I didn't take an Adderall and with running maybe three or so times a week I was able to focus on work with the help of a low dose of Lexapro. I know cold turkey is the gold star way to quit, but it seems like you would be in a good position to try something else to cushion the blow of withdrawal. Especially while you don't have an ambition to put your heart into. xo
  9. started taking adderall in 2006 when i was 16, i am now 25, i've stopped for short periods of time over the years (most of 2010 (i was 20) and summer of 2013(i was 23)) but never with the intention of stopping for good the doses i've taken over these 9 years average to be about 20mg, i've taken sustained release for the first 8 years and instant release since 2013 adderall is intrinsic to my self confidence, I've never had a period in my adult life where i felt sober and successful, every thing i've accomplished (which tbh is not much) i've done with the help of adderall i am often in denial of my addiction when i'm not on forums like this, i had a wake up call this thursday when my therapist recommended literal rehab for the problems adderall has been causing me (suicide ideation, feelings or worthlessness, depression, etc...) so here is where my question comes from, how could i ever in a milliion years like myself better and be happier with the drug that i grew up on? i will have to face my pent up depression and dull personality i took the adderall to mask in the first place. will i have to be depressed for decades and finally feel okay in middle age? i honestly don't think its worth it to quit, i mean it might be, but i honestly don't see how its possible.
  10. My Story

    for myself and other people who have just recently quit or are thinking about quitting, how did things actually start to feel better after adderall? you reiterate it here several times but i don't see any examples really. people say things will be better and that you don't need it but i've been on it for nine years and i just can't imagine getting past the readjustment period and liking my life better at that