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  2. Went to neurologist

    Yes I do inject it intramuscularly. I have a lot of friends that went on to be physicians after college that I studied with so I’m familiar with the anatomy but there’s also a video online of this guy injecting it although when I watched it it made me more scared to try it. I can tell you step by step how to use it if you end up ordering it! It’s very simple and safe if you are okay with needles. It’s really not that scary I promise!
  3. Went to neurologist

    @GiveMeWings how are you doing now? Are you off them?
  4. Tick Tock- Recovery begins

    I'm probably missing something here, but by firing your doctor do you mean just finding a new doctor? Because every rx you've ever taken will be in your medical records that get xfered over to your new dr of choice. So unless you tell them to stop filling it and/or you have a problem with abusing it, it will continue to show ADD/ADHD as a continuing condition in which you need an rx for. Or is there a way to work around that?
  5. Tick Tock- Recovery begins

    I don't even know how to do. Or maybe I'm scare to. Fuck. But I'm going to. I promised myself. Do people just call and ask them to stop the script? or go in and tell the Dr in person?
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  7. Went to neurologist

    Granted this was back in 2013, doctors seem to be changing their story now
  8. Went to neurologist

    Same thing happened to me when I went to a neurologist- he sent me home with more pills insisting I needed them. It further strengthened those thoughts in my head telling me it's okay to take one more pill and one more pill and another and another...
  9. Rehabilitation Just for Amphetamines / Meetups Just for Amphetamines Hello, Does anyone know if such a thing exists as a Rehab SPECIFICALLY for people addicted to ADD meds? Also, is there an Adderallics Anonymous or some support group that is specifically for stimulant prescription abuse? I truly believe that prescription stimulant abusers (pushed by a doctor in the first place!) are a different breed, it effects a different personality type, and has very different withdrawal symptoms than from those coming off alcohol or opiates. However, there seems to be nothing out there to help me and I keep failing alone and I so need someone I can identify with. I am so grateful I found this site.
  10. Went to neurologist

    SamJo do you inject it? If so how did you learn how to do that? I would probably try this if it were not for the injection thing.
  11. Went to neurologist

    @Frank B @sleepystupid no it’s not risky. It’s approved in Europe and other countries just not in the US. It’s a peptide that is very well studied. It’s $40 for a week supply. I studied science in college so I’m more familiar with the chemical breakdown of it all. I’ll let you know how I feel after I get my next batch!
  12. Tick Tock- Recovery begins

    just wanted to share that i had a very similar thought at the peak of my addiction. i remember quite vividly looking around my apartment, this space that i had converted into a super high tech smart-home- maniacal solutions for things that weren't really problems. up until that point, i had considered adderall a tool to create a better life for myself. but at that moment, i realized that adderall was simply creating a life for itself. the real me was so far gone, i had no idea what he even wanted anymore. what was the point of all this if i couldn't go back to the real me and enjoy this new life? or maintain it for that matter? glad to hear that you're finally committed to recovery! good luck and stay close to the forums- we're here to help (:
  13. Confession: still dating girl on Adderall

    i'm sorry to hear this. i think the best thing for now would be to end it, but tell her that you'll be there for her when she realizes she has a problem.
  14. Went to neurologist

    @Frank B yea, i agree. i'm always open to learning about new avenues for recovery, as long as they aren't risky. but also, i have a hard time wrapping my mind around "feeling better". i can understand in early recovery where you feel absolutely miserable and you're looking for something to make it through the worst.. but for those of us a few years out, i worry that experimenting with something that gives you a very apparent effect is similar to pleasure seeking behavior.
  15. Tick Tock- Recovery begins

    Welcome to the community. Yes, firing your doctor or otherwise cutting off your supply is crucial to your success, along with realizing that total abstinence is essential to beating this unsustainable addiction. Did you actually tell your doctor you are done?
  16. Confession: still dating girl on Adderall

    Man-I can so relate. Hang in there, friend.
  17. Does anyone have any experience with BPC 157? I'm about to start my first cycle tomorrow.
  18. Tick Tock- Recovery begins

    It's comforting to know there's other people out there that knows what hell this is. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and be more active on this forum. Opposite of addiction is suppose to be connection; but I have no one around me to feel understood and connect with. And it sucks! All because of one stupid fucked pill. One? I wish! I miss the days where one was all it took. I would take one in the morning and be a gorgeous superwoman with the world in her hands. Got the body I always dreamed of (been bulimic for many years. Convinced my Dr to give me vvynase since it just got approved by the FDA to stop binge eating... WHO THE FUCK WOULD GIVE A WOMAN WITH A EATING DISORDER A PILL TO TURN OFF THE HUNGER!!). I started a new career path, graduated with a 94% GPA, I even fell in love. Life was perfect. But that was 3 years ago. One 30mg pill turned into 70mg/5x a day. My new found life enthusiasm has turned into an isolated pacing zombie. I've become a shell of person and I hate myself for it. I made an attempt at recovery about a month ago which lasted 5 days. But then new script day filled (I thought I could be the exception of the rule and be strong enough to resist the temptation. Turns out I'm the probably the reason the rule exists to fire your Dr). It's been a 2 week binge fest (30- 70mg vyanse and 30- 25mg addy). But looking around my spotless apartment, this isn't a life. I'm committed to recovery. Instead of one day, tomorrow is Day One. I wanted to take the time out to make myself visible. It may be from a screen but reading everyone's support for one another gives me that hope.
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  20. Went to neurologist

    Cerebrolysin can’t you order that but says not for human consumption? Seems kind of risky although I’m feeling much better because of the time off this crap would never shy away from something that could help us ex addicts feel even better if it’s safe.
  21. Went to neurologist

    interesting- how much does a week's supply cost? and route of administration is injection?
  22. Went to neurologist

    @sleepystupid I did tell him that I would take way over my prescribed amount (which was 2 30mgs a day) but the most I took was 5 or 6 30mgs and I only did that once every 6 months while staying up all night partying. He just said that could lead to a stroke but that I didn’t have one and that some people are even prescribed very high doses of ADD medication. I’m not sure how much one would have to take to completely fry their brain beyond repair? All I know is that I thought I did! And yes the Cerebrolysin was a gradual effect, by day 5 I was feeling almost back to my normal self and normal concentration and ambition. I only ordered a week of it so should be interesting how I feel this coming week but I’m determined to stay on this feeling good path! I did order more Cerebrolysin but it takes a few weeks to ship. I would recommend it to anyone who still has brain fog and all our other crappy symptoms cause it really helped!
  23. Went to neurologist

    i believe the neurotoxicity of amphetamine is based on the dosage and frequency (i.e. if you're binging and abusing it hard, it is probably frying your brain). most doctors are assuming normal therapeutic dosage, so in that sense his answer is correct. glad to hear you're feeling GREAT! do you think it's a direct result of the Cerebrolysin though? you should try an experiment- stop it for a week and see how you feel. you need to be careful with anything that gives you too much of an effect.
  24. I noticed this too. I don't currently write academic papers, but I do a lot of email correspondence and when I take Adderall a lot I make stupid mistakes like writing "and and" or missing minor words like "no". It would happen a lot!! Same thing with verbal, I would find that I would have difficulty placing the right words together and expressing myself which makes me feel completely retarded because I know I can, but I can't seem to do it. One other thing I noticed, and this part really scares me - I tend to drop things, a lot. And when I take Adderall often, it happens so much more than when I don't. And it's annoying as fuck. It's mostly light things, like keys or my phone etc.
  25. Went to neurologist

    He was also like vyvanse isn’t neurotoxic but I thought it was? Idkkkk. Anyways I’ve actually been feeling GREAT especially after using Cerebrolysin for a week and I’m only on month 5 (with a few slip ups) so woohoo! But the neurologist was like if you’ve been off for 5 months and still have these symptoms you should probley go back on. Like ok no fucking thanks
  26. Confession: still dating girl on Adderall

    Some very good points, yes, I always think that everything she does is Adderall affected. How she shops online and organizes her closet. How she has a million printouts with charts and spreadsheets for her “work”, how she is never hungry, how she is always focused on her stuff and never asking about what I’ve been up to. She is a slave to Adderall. I also had the thoughts of grabbing one of her addys but it was a fleeting and horrific thought as I could see her pull bottles placed all over her room. There was a drawer in her bathroom filled with all kinds of bottles, Adderall, vyvanse, benzos, pain pills for sleep. It is the saddest thing but she is basically a functioning druggy. I just need to work up the energy and strength to end it.
  27. My body makes sense to me again. I know that sounds weird, but when I was on adderall I had lost all connection between my spirit and my body. Now that I'm clean, I can actually tell when I'm hungry, when I'm thirsty, when I need sleep, when I should go for a run, ect. It's amazing to feel connected to myself in that way. I had lost that ability for so long. My writing skills have improved 10-fold. Idk what it was about adderall that made my sentences sound so strange... but I can finally put together a coherent academic paper that sounds impressive! I'm not isolated all the time. I'm not so convinced that I'm "special." Oh, what a prison that was.
  28. Went to neurologist

    Sooo just went to a neurologist to tell them what’s been going on and he’s like you just have adult ADD and anxiety. I’m like these doctors are pointless lol waste of my morning. But he did say I don’t have dementia (haha) and I’m fine so whatevs I guess! Literally just never depending on a doctor again. We’re on our own with this shit!
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