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  1. The Six Month Challenge

    Sorry for the delayed response. What is the difference between how I feel at 7months than at 3 months? The constant hunger and cravings for pills are not a daily struggle anymore. Though it still comes up for sure. I think I feel confident that I have made it this far and that I never want to have to go through the initial quitting again. I'm remembering what spring was like before adderall and being able to enjoy relaxing and just spending time with my family. I am beginning to see that my body and mind are slowly healing. I'm so thankful for the site and this community because I can't imagine where I would be without it.
  2. Starting Supplements

    I take a multivitamin and B complex which I feel like it helps. Also drinking green tea and water. I do have coffee in the morning. That being said. I still struggle with lack of energy some too. I'm 7 months clean.
  3. The Six Month Challenge

    I just hit 7 months which I realize is passed this forum but it's been a little since I'd checked in! Keep strong everyone.
  4. Please help me quit for good

    You all are doing so good. Hang in there. I'm about 4 months clean and its a long process but its worth it. Just keep going and staying connected to this site which reminds you why you quit.
  5. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Day 96!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Day 89 check.
  7. Please help me quit for good

    The best advice I can give you is stay checking this site. I tried on and off to quit unsuccessfully. Then I found this site and I still relapsed once but now I'm at day 86 and I wouldn't be here without this site. Adderall is such a different type of drug that you need to be hearing from people going through the same thing. When I first quit, I literally checked this forum, read the articles, and was on this site a dozen times a day. Remind yourself why you quit because your brain will try to convince you otherwise.
  8. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Okay well anyway, I think it was helpful because it made me realize that there may be other foods that could satisfy my cravings that might healthier that I was I think I'm craving. I had to finish some school work yesterday, which was a little harder to get started doing without adderall. I'll be done with my course in the next month and it's the last course of my program thankfully. I don't know what I would have done without this site. The fact that I'm here at Day 82 is astonishing.
  9. Already Losing My Post Adderall Weight Gain

    That's really good to know because I'm wondering if my body will ever balance itself out.
  10. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Doge I saw a chart that you had posted in another thread that I can't find now. Can you post it again? It was great. It talked about the cravings and what they mean?
  11. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Day 81. I'm not thinking about the pills as much these last few days. But I know I'm still in recovery. Thanks for the advice on exercise. That is what I need. I'm 5'6" and usually been about 135, but I have literally gained 30 lbs above that in the last six months. Some of that was even before quitting adderall but the pace has ramped up since quitting. My cravings have slowed down at this point. At the beginning, I was eating all the time. Will I get back to normal? I'm still so glad to have quit and feel that this is an effect of using and then quitting bc my metabolism got so wrecked by adderall. I've started doing some yoga everyday from YouTube. It's not the hardest ever but sometimes challenging and its getting me to do at least something every day. I'm just not sure if it is enough.
  12. What keeps you motivated to stay sober?

    Stay checking this site. For me, the loss of strength and overall the way it wrecked my metabolism. I'm hoping that in time with my recovery that some of that will return. I've had those thoughts too like just 1 pill. Just today. But I know I would slide right back in to using it and lose everything I've worked for in this recovery and ultimately have to start over. Now I enjoy life more. I may not get everything done. My house is messier but I can appreciate the little things like a sunset or listening to the rain now without feeling like I should be being productive.
  13. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Day 65.... Just moved up from 60 day challenge. Trying to start exercising more regularly. Anyone have advice or anything to keep me motivated? I know it will help my recovery but just can't seem to stick to it. Looking forward to day 90........
  14. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    I'm on day 65! I can't believe it. Day 60 passed me by. The longest I've gone since needing to check this site...... I know I'll still stay close to this site because the desire and thoughts are still there at times. I have to remind myself that quitting is better in the long run. I still don't totally feel myself or at least what I imagine myself to be like one day. It's helpful to know that it is normal to still feel this way. Moving on to 90 days!!
  15. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Thanks. I really appreciate the support. I'm starting to feel a little better some days. But some days its still tough.