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  1. Please Help... :(

    From my experience you'll notice your brain fog sort of start to fade away sometime after three months. When I quit in the past it was the three month mark where things really started getting better. Everyone's different, but you've came to the right place for guidance. I'm in the process of getting back off it again, so I'm not much help at the moment. Stick around. Everyone on this board is amazing.
  2. Here's an article from Reader's Digest that I wanted to share. It's the simple things that we are unable to enjoy on Adderall. Anyone else have any more to add?
  3. Social anxiety

    I've dealt with a but of social anxiety my whole life. It is worse right after you quit Adderall but it gets better at about the three month mark, at least it did for me. It takes awhile to adjust to life without it.
  4. My Full Story

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations on quitting! Isn't it nice living for something other than your refill day? I'm trying to taper down now, and I can't wait till I'm not dependant on this stupid drug anymore.
  5. Has adderall affected your physical health?

    So happy to see this thread. I've also had most symptoms listed here, with the heart palpitations and high blood pressure being the worst. This drug is the devil.
  6. trying to find a solution

    Keep a journal. It will help you stay focused.
  7. Tips to quit

    Exercise first and foremost, but that's probably the toughest thing to do when you quit. Also spend more time outside in nature. You can appreciate beauty you never had the time to when you were on Adderall.
  8. Hydroxycut Elite gives you a great boost of energy and helps with appetite. It's probably horrible for you, though. But, hey — it's gotta be safer than Adderall. Definitely do your research before starting any diet pill. They work differenrly on every person.
  9. One of the craziest would have to be back before I became a mom, and I stayed up for over 24 hours and then went to my doctor appointment with dilated pupils and bags under my eyes and demanded he raised my Adderall dosage. That day I went from 30 MG XR to 20 MG IR twice a day. He told me I looked tired, though, and also prescribed me some Trazadone to sleep.
  10. One Word Status Update

  11. Offically cutting the cord

    Too bad we only remember the good times, well what we thought were good times. But really, is it ever really fun? Are you ever smiling when you're on it? Maybe that first day when you go pick up your script but every day after you're just in zombie mode till it starts all over again. At this point the biggest high and euphoria you get from this drug is the day you get it refilled — before you even take it! I'll usually drive to my doctor's office and then to the pharmacy, with happy songs blasting from my car radio. I'll occasionally let out a giddy woo-hoo! the moment the script is in my hand. But fast forward twelve hours later — you'll find me nervously pacing in my kitchen, wondering when that little thud I feel in my heart every half hour or so is going to kill me. And when I'm not busy being that dramatic you'll find me either chain smoking outside or playing a mindless Facebook game for hours on end. Oh, and after that fun I can always organize the DVD shelves again. Geeze. Adderall sucks.
  12. ... and go! Remember. Only one. The worst at the the top of the list. Mine would be what it does to your health. I have heart palpitations, high blood pressure, headaches, upset stomach, and aches and pains all over. I don't want to die young. I can't do that to my family.
  13. I tried this supplement when I was coming off Adderall. It really helps the brain fog lift - best thing I've tried.
  14. Trying to get off adderall without CRASHING

    I'm a mother, too, and I know it can be hard. The old me, the pre-mom me, would use Adderall to party all night, play video games, and to generally just get messed up. I don't do that now. Now I depend on it to wake up in the morning, clean the house, cook, and take care of my family. It was easier to quit before because I was using it to do other harm to myself. Now it's just Adderall doing the harm and I need to snap out of it!
  15. My Story - Trying to Quit...Again

    Not calling your doctor for a refill when you first quit will be tough — but you've got this! If you feel yourself reaching for that phone just get on here. Talk to people who understand. You can do it.