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  1. How I quit Adderall

    Six Years. Adderall-free is a great way to be!
  2. That weighted down sloth like feeling

    Haha, my avitar picture on this forum was a SLOTH for the first year or so.
  3. Ketogenic Diet for Energy and Mental Clarity

    The first time I seriously tried the Adkins diet, I noticed the mental clarity improvements right away. During the initial phase of Adkins (Induction) the goal is to be in ketosis and all it takes is limiting your "net" carb intake to practically nothing - like 15 or 20 grams per day and that isn't much. I'm glad this way of eating is working for you. I still question how sustainable eating like this can be good for the long term. I have only gone back on Adkins about 2 or 3 times since I first tried it, and I not seen the weight loss response as good as the first time, although I am not really overweight. I really do like the mental clarity a ketogenic diet provides, especially compared to the early days of adderall recovery.
  4. Had to get this off my chest.

    Ah yes, I love how pro-lifers take a militant stance against abortion, but when it comes to war, health care, drug addiction...or the death penalty....not so much. Nice rant, Frank.
  5. After 3 years away from this site...

    Hey hey, MFA! Welcome back. We've missed you around here. Sorry to hear of all the struggles since you left, but it sounds like you are in a better place now and back on track. The good thing for you, is that you really do know how to quit and stay off the shit for the long term and that is huge. It looks like your administrator rights have stood the test of time. We haven't been plagued by spam hardly at all since the IPS upgrade last fall. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
  6. Four Years Ago Today

    Thanks for the positive update on your recovery. I think those of us with long quitting term success all have total abstinence in common. For about the first three years of recovery, I noticed yearly improvement with time away from Adderall. After 3 years, it seems like the daily and seasonal ups and downs of regular life superseded my feelings of Adderall recovery. HC - did you notice a plateau in your recovery or has it just kept getting better and better the longer you are free from Adderall?
  7. Adderall and Alcohol

    I lost my desire for alcohol while on Adderall. I just didn't like the combination of those two drugs.
  8. Has adderall affected your physical health?

    Yes, they went away. I think that was from the lack of sleep and exhaustion that was all too easy to cure with another pill.
  9. How many of us are 100% ADD ?

    Start a new topic. Under the "topic details" header on top, there will be two tabs: the default tab is "content" and the tab next to it is "poll". Choose poll and design your question and answers. It is multiple choice. I think the results would be very interesting if enough people answered it.
  10. I ,too, am shocked that addiction specialists would put you back on the class of drugs that you were addicted to. The above three quotes are from members with a combined clean time of well over ten years and their responses are sincere and true So, you have ADHD, and modern medicine says that drugs are 80% effective for treating it. The problem is, you have already eaten that cookie and all similar cookies still contain sugar or lets say flour and you are allergic to wheat. Since the allergic reaction is worse than your hunger for the cookie, you only have one option - and that is to abstain from cookies for the rest of your life. Cookies just can't be made without using flour / sugar. I know, this is a stupid analogy but my point is that you have simply exhausted the option of using ANY stimulant drugs for treating your disorder. There are other ways to cope and it will be up to YOU to solve that problem. Please be patient and allow yourself the time it takes to recover from this addiction while finding other ways to address your ADHD. I believe that stimulant abuse actually enhances ADHD so the longer you are away from the speed the better you will cope with life, no matter how chaotic it may seem.
  11. The #1 worst thing about Adderall

    The absolutely unsustainable addiction itself.
  12. Day 65 Severe Depression Kicks In

    Welcome and please feel free to post as much as you like. Quitting is a process as well as an event. I planned my quit date well in advance and had to push it back a few times for different reasons, but once I ceased taking pills the journey of recovery took hold and my life has been better than it ever was on adderall since June 3, 2011.
  13. Just to address your topic question, I was not able to read well while on adderall. And it took me about ten weeks after quitting to finally join this site and make my first post. At some point you will need to tell your husband and your dog of your plans to quit because you will need their support and the related accountability.
  14. Scared to stop.

    Welcome to the forum! I can relate to almost every thing you wrote, except for all the medical test bullshit. I just knew that taking adderall was the cause of all of my poor health problems because I had always been a healthy person until the addiction. There is a great thread here entitled "has adderall affected your physical health?" that you should read. I also smoked cigs, but I could not quit while on adderall. So, I cold turkeyed the cigs about the same time I cold turkeyed adderall 5 years ago. Some people like you do better with the taper down process, and whatever works best for you is the right way to quit. Quitting is a process and you have begun that journey. That should be very exciting and scary at the same time. You absolutely cannot spend the rest of your life on adderall if you want to have a normal life and I think you have realized this, but you are still coming to terms with the upcoming divorce from a stupid pill that used to be your best friend. Good Luck!
  15. Hello, I'm Mr. 75%

    That's a BIG one year, Duffman. Congratulations, the worst part of your recovery is well behind you now. For what it's worth, I am an 80 percenter and always have been. I was B student. I usually get it right about 80 percent of the time. It sure beats perfectionism.