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  1. slight light hallucinations?

    It affected my vision too - both blurred vision and impaired depth perception. Things improved after quitting. Our eyesight is the most important and precious sensory resource we have. Why take chances with it?
  2. How to Cut Doctor Off - Advice Needed

    Adding to Greg's message above, you can also tell the doctor that Adderall has caused you to have adverse reactions or has quit agreeing with you if you don't feel comfortable disclosing your addiction to the doctor or anyone else. Just don't let them talk you into trying another stimulant in its place.
  3. Taking two 1,000 mg pills sounds like a recipe for a headache. I liked the lower dose of 500 mg, once or twice per day. They made me feel happy and less depressed, and it worked right away. Are you still taking adderall?
  4. I was browsing though the forums and then came across your post involving amphetamines. I was hoping that you are still active here and can be reached. I wanted to know if I could inquire into your past with the drug as I find myself on a road to possible addiction.

    1. quit-once


      Yes, I'm still around, and would be happy to help you get this monkey off your back.  Send me a PM if you like.

  5. Tried Many Times to Quit

    Way to go! You got this, NaterS. It took me a few months to get rid of my pills too, but once I did, I never looked back.
  6. @subtractadderall, I have heard of similar pursuits for adderall, although nothing like your leg vein failures. From reading members' posts on this site, I have heard of someone experiencing ischemic strokes due to adderall, quitting, then going back and experiencing another more severe stroke. Then there was the person who experienced seizures, quit, went back and had more seizures. And someone else who had cardiac issues And at least a couple of folks who experienced psychosis serious enough to spend time in a hospital mental ward....including my best friend who also went through multiple bouts of MRSA (probably adderall-related) before finally quitting. We've all read about the studies where monkeys or mice would choose cocaine over food until they died. Addiction is an insidious bitch that kills people every minute of every day. I am just glad that most the people who hang around here have learned that lesson and are getting on with their lives.
  7. After using for almost nine years, I realized it was an UNSUSTAINABLE addiction. My future was becoming more and more uncertain. And the more I took, the harsher the side effects became. Adderall just quit working for me like it used to. After that realization, I did a lot of online research, made a plan to quit, set an absolute deadline, established some very substantial penalties for failure, and then followed through with it. I wanted to say it was easy, but no, it was the toughest thing I have ever done. It was also the best thing I have ever done for my health and my life. My life has returned to a "normal" status for the last five years.
  8. Finally - Reclaiming my Neural Pathways!

    I agree with Frank's approach when it comes to the mental outlook while quitting adderall. Treat it like a final divorce, like something or someone you will never have in your life again. I just couldn't entertain even the slightest possibility that I would go back to that awful addiction. And, like Frank said, quitting different drugs is different for different people. While I abhor the thought of ever taking another dose of speed, I view my relationship with nicotine differently. For some reason, I just can't absolutely say I will never smoke again so I have to take quitting nicotine one day at a time. I quit both substances about the same time six years ago. When I look at all the money I have saved by kicking those two daily addictions, it is in the tens of thousands of dollars by now.
  9. 5 years of moderate use, finally quitting

    Congratulations on your decision to quit. You've got this. You've had your essential "aha moment" . I suggest you write down those 1,000 other reasons for quitting and share a few of them with us. There is a thread somewhere around here about how adderall affected people's physical health and I listed all of those reasons for quitting and realized how it was slowly killing me. You only really need one good reason to quit but making a list will re-enforce and remind you how awful that addiction really was.
  10. Up against it

    "I have a problem that keeps going on." "I'm done". These are the closest statements I read that says you might want to quit. The rest of your post either glamorizes using speed or laments running out. Do you really want to quit for good? Because you have to want to be free from this awful cycle worse that anything else you want or need in your life right now. I hope you can come to terms with your addiction, and if (when?) you do, we are here to support you.
  11. @Depression, I had really good luck with L-Tyrosine and took it for about 3 years post quitting. It definitely curbed the depression. The downside? I think it caused muscle tremors (and headaches if I took too much of it).
  12. 14 Months!

    I'm glad to hear you are doing OK. I started shedding the post quitting pounds after the first year of recovery, too. I just read your other post about the influences of Adderall on your life and your perspectives. It is good that you can recognize what Adderall did for you as well as to you. My addiction experience is a part of whom I am today, and I am a better and wiser person for having that experience behind me. Thanks for the update.
  13. How I quit Adderall

    Six Years. Adderall-free is a great way to be!
  14. That weighted down sloth like feeling

    Haha, my avitar picture on this forum was a SLOTH for the first year or so.
  15. Ketogenic Diet for Energy and Mental Clarity

    The first time I seriously tried the Adkins diet, I noticed the mental clarity improvements right away. During the initial phase of Adkins (Induction) the goal is to be in ketosis and all it takes is limiting your "net" carb intake to practically nothing - like 15 or 20 grams per day and that isn't much. I'm glad this way of eating is working for you. I still question how sustainable eating like this can be good for the long term. I have only gone back on Adkins about 2 or 3 times since I first tried it, and I not seen the weight loss response as good as the first time, although I am not really overweight. I really do like the mental clarity a ketogenic diet provides, especially compared to the early days of adderall recovery.