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  1. Feeling Lonely

    Hey Drew- Definitely try out yoga - I have been to yoga class twice already this week and have done it for about 7 years now. It keeps me flexible in middle age. I spend a lot of time on another online forum that has lots of friendly people, from all over the world, without an agenda. You may or may not be interested but here's the link (contrary to the name in the link it has nothing to do with sex): https://www.asexuality.org/en/
  2. 23 months clean on my birthday

    Happy Birthday and congrats for finding a job already. What part of Colorado are you living in?
  3. I was so addicted to the act of just taking a pill whenever I needed a boost. I'm sure I got a tremendous placebo affect from taking the herbal stimulants that I used during my first year of recovery. Even 5 hour energy and sugar free red bull provided the boost I used to seek from Adderall. Just last weekend, I slammed a red bull in mid afternoon and happily went off into my day.
  4. Experience smoking meth

    I don't think any less of you for what you did. In fact, if you have always been curious, it was bound to happen, especially since you've been struggling with abstinence lately. I consider meth to be adderall's sinister sister. Very closely related, but not exactly the same shit. Meth is actually cheaper and easier to get than Adderall. I have had friends "graduate" from Adderall to meth and continue their addiction for several more years, so be careful. Personally, I tried meth several times before taking up Adderall. I didn't like it - for me it was way too intense and I hated its side effects. I think your best chance for a successful recovery will be if you leave your toxic environment and start over somewhere else. When are you planning to move to Denver?
  5. Anyone experienced lack of empathy and extreme hostility?

    It was the opposite for me. While using, I was emotionally numb. Sometimes I blurted things out that I later regretted, although most of the time I felt like I showed remarkable restraint. After quitting, the anhedonia provided a cover for my emotions and I really didn't give a fuck about most things enough to say anything hurtful, or constructive, for that matter.
  6. SUGAR FREE REDBULL !!! I discovered it shortly after quitting and began buying it by the case at Cosco. Sometimes I like to slam an entire can like a shot. Sometimes I mix it with Vodka and grapefruit juice, and sometimes I just drink it like a normal beverage.
  7. Anatomy of a Relapse

    I needed to read this thread. I've been thinking about how I would really like to enjoy a cig now and then, if only I could use them responsibly. I know I can't do that. Damn, eight years after my last cig and I still desire them. It's funny, but I have to take my cigarette abstinence one day at a time, whereas with Adderall, it's just FUCK ADDERALL!
  8. The word for what you are experiencing is Anhedonia. It is a classic symptom that we all experience during Adderall recovery. It will pass. Keep up the fight. Summer is coming soon!
  9. That is almost exactly how my post Adderall weight gain played out. I had to buy some new pants during the first year of recovery that I haven't needed since then. I quit Adderall and cigs at the same time and gained about 15 pounds. Within two years, I weighed less than I did at the time of quitting. It's just part of the recovery process.
  10. “What’s Adderall Like” YouTube Video

    @Socially awkward I think it works that way for most drugs people get addicted to. I had a friend who used heroin and I have had friends that smoke lots of weed, and in both cases, they needed to use at a base level just to feel normal. This was one of my big motivators for quitting Adderall - just having to take 90 mg per day so I wouldn't wilt.
  11. Athletic Performance and More...

    Welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you are well on your way to quitting for good. My advice would be to continue with your taper and make a plan to finally cease taking the drug and purge your remaining stash, then move on and embrace your recovery. These forums provide great support, and as you probably already know, there is a ton of useful information articles and other links on the main page of this website. One tip I would like to share with you is the tagging feature, which notifies a member when they have been mentioned in a post. All you need to do is place the @ sign in front of their username, like this: @returnofthemac. I mention this because you have expressed appreciation to @Tomasso for his contributions. There are lots of other cool features on the forums like private messaging and visiting the profile pages of different members that help provide a sense of community from this online forum.
  12. Adderall Recovery Guide

    I just spent some time reading your reddit post and especially the comments. You have put a lot of energy and effort into assembling this information. I like the theme of what your program for you, not what will work for everyone, throughout your post. I also appreciate the extensive reference sourcing. Personally, I wouldn't take a fraction of the supplements that you have listed because I believe that time away from the drug is the most important contribution of a lasting recovery, although some supplements and vitamins did help me get through early recovery. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
  13. Adderall Taper Advice

    I'm in the cold turkey camp, here's why: It only takes about three days after your last pill for all of the amphetamine in your body to get metabolized. During that time you will experience debilitating exhaustion and fatigue. So, give yourself 3 or 4 days of solace and separation from the drug to sleep it off and get it all out of your system. After that, the battle is all mostly mental. Sure, you will experience diminished performance and extreme lack of motivation and anxiety and depression and weight gain and it will certainly be unpleasant, with lots of ups and downs, for many months, after you have taken your last pill. If you are serious about quitting, then you will come to the point when you are ready to cease. There's nothing wrong with a strategically planned quit. I think that by continued tapering, you are just prolonging your misery and withdrawals.
  14. Want to lower my bpm

    My resting pulse rate on Adderall and nicotine was consistently 110-120 BPM. After quitting both of those substances it is 50-65 BPM. I was worried that Adderall was wearing out my heart prematurely.
  15. Adderall induced cognitive impairment

    that's exactly how I felt during my last year of the addiction. My cognition began to improve right after quitting. Recovery is a long process.