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Dear All,

Yesterday, I had 8 years off Adderall (and all other substances).

I'm 32 now. The life G-d has helped me build since getting clean is far beyond my wildest expectations. If you told me this is where I'd be back when I was a graveling, sickly 24 year old, up for weeks at a time, kidneys failing, living for the next ground-up 30xr, I would have laughed at you.

Business owner, married (as of last year), kid on the way, homeowner, respected member of my community, having helped dozens of other young men get back on their feet...instead of being unable to look at my reflection in the mirror, I wake up each day with a positive outlook on what can happen and a knowledge deep in my soul that no matter what transpires, everything's going to be alright.

If you're struggling with the decision about whether or when to quit, know this: if you're on this site, chances are very high that you're addicted to Adderall. Once that fatal neural pathway into is carved, you don't have a choice: quit or die. Use the resources on this site. Interact with others. Do whatever it is you have to do to get and stay clean. Nothing is more important.

If I can be of help to any of you, don't hesitate to hit me up. 

With love and gratitude.



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@hyper_critical this is awesome, and just what people need to hear!

when you're early in your recovery process, it's so hard to envision a future that's in fact better than anything Adderall could have delivered. I think something really important to consider is that even if you accomplish things on stimulants, you don't feel good about it. it feels like someone else really did the work.

thanks for sharing your continued success (:

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Great to hear from you, @hyper_critical.  I'm glad your life is going well.  I think it is so important that some of the long time quitters keep posting on this site.  I know it gave me lots of hope when I quit to know that people can and DO beat this addiction and move on with their lives.

I'm two years ahead of you, and I will be making my ten year post in exactly one month.

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