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  1. I can't move

    Interesting im about the same age as you and have been tested for low testosterone as well. How long was your usage?
  2. Story of hope!

    Wow thanks for the story, how long did you suffer from depression/anhedonia after you quit if at all
  3. Were you that hyperactive before you started stimulants? How are you with work, driving and other things that require lots or focus
  4. 4 years clean - checking in

    Thanks for sharing your story, did you ever suffer from paws in your recovery?
  5. HOPE

    How long were you taking adderall for initially 9 years ago
  6. 18 Months Sober

    Do you still experience any paws?
  7. Three Years Free

    Thats awsome! do you feel symtom free as in no more lingering PAWS? im 1 year free and still struggling with energy
  8. 2 years with no adderall

    How did you feel at the 1 year mark compared to now in terms of energy and motivation?
  9. Update from a long timer

    Is this the way you felt before adderall maybe? How long did you use for?
  10. DAY 3 - When Does it Get Better?

    Eliza S can you explain the vison side effects in more detail please. Im am also having issues with my eyes. As for the hairloss i also noticed alot towards the end of my usage however i do think that i grows back with time.
  11. Im 6 months out ane stuggling with this, when does it get better???