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  1. Boston

    I live in Boston and on day 2 of no vyvanse. I agree with what everyone said about AA, it's an amazing fellowship but I went for 2.5 years and struggled to relate often and eventually left. If anyone wants to meet up im in Brighton!
  2. My early recovery journey- 65days clean

    @m34 Thanks so much for the encouragement! I really appreciate and it makes me feel less alone. I'm definitely freaking out about how I'll feel tomorrow Day1 without my vyvanse, but I'll push through with a shit ton of iced coffee.
  3. Another relapse after almost 2 months! - so disappointed with myself

    Hey! Thanks for being so honest and sharing your struggles. I took my last 3 vyvanse this morning and my psychiatrist, therapist and boyfriend know everything so hopefully the jig is up. This is my second time quitting for real and I feel confident that I can do it because I was off for 3 years. I need to get off this shit because my life is so small right now. I totally identify with being socially awkward at work and not wanting to engage with people. I isolate a lot, even when I'm around people I retreat into my head. I'd love to know how you're doing now if you still check this post!
  4. My early recovery journey- 65days clean

    Thank you! This helps me a lot. My world feels so small right now because I've just been going to work and coming home to play computer games and watch tv and drink wine to help the come down. The next morning I take a pill to avoid the hangover. I took my last vyvanse (ok i took 3) and I'm officially out for REAL. I was honest with my psychiatrist, therapist and boyfriend, so I know I have support but obviously scared (well not right now because I took 3 vyvanse today so I actually feel nothing lolz, but I know I will be fucking terrified tomorrow) Anyways, your post was exactly what i needed to read so thank you!