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  1. Hi, can anyone offer guidance as to how long it took for the exhaustion to abate? I am looking specifically for people who have discontinued the drug, not tapered. Thanks!
  2. Why, exactly, does tapering "not work"?

    @jp4revolt gotcha, sorry! I guess I don't know why someone would be on this site if they weren't addicted. wouldn't you just stop taking it? doesn't seem to make sense.
  3. Why, exactly, does tapering "not work"?

    Tapering doesn’t work for an addict! Our brains are just wired differently. I’m sure supplements etc would help. I’m on a good combo of meds that help to counterbalance some of the side effects of getting clean.
  4. HELP- i am ready to quit Adderall

    Sounds like you’ve got a problem. I would check out an AA or NA meeting. That was the only way I could stay sober. I know well the hellscape that is adderall addiction, and I can guarantee you things will only get worse. Don’t use until you’ve lost everything! And be careful on this site...a lot of people who post are still on adderall. You can tell by the longwinded posts. i promise you it gets better. Tapering is not a thing. That’s just an excuse to keep using. Once you’re addicted, you will never take it like a normal person. Quitting stimulants is not going to be dangerous to your health and certainly will not harm you in the way quitting an opiate would (I say this both as an addict and someone in medicine). Just don’t pick up the first one. Call your doctor and cut off your supply. One is too many and a thousand is never enough.
  5. 12 Step Programs

    @DelaneyJuliette, I would LOVE that! it would be so helpful for my sobriety! i'll DM you my info
  6. Relapse pt. VI

    @sleepystupid, sleep IS awesome!!!
  7. Relapse pt. VI

    @sleepystupid/sleepyandsober: I love how our usernames are so similar! sleepy, sober people. thank you for the kind advice. i am feeling better at day 5. every day is going to be a little bit better...
  8. 12 Step Programs

    @LuLamb, @DelaneyJuliette, LET'S DO IT!
  9. Relapse pt. VI

    Hi, just want to claim my seat here again. 3 days back today. I am so much happier when sober, but I feel like I can't do ANYTHING. AND I decided to get sober right before finals, so that's cool. The job pressure is mounting (even more so under quarantine), even typing out this message is like, agonizing...I'm so exhausted. I'm on wellbutrin & strattera and that seems to help, but it's nothing like adderall. Gotta get the idea out of my head that I can only be successful while on it...
  10. 12 Step Programs

    Hi adderallics, I know there’s been some discussion about this (I myself have contributed to threads about it), but I’m reaching out again. I’m struggling with the 12 step fellowship. I got sober for the first time in AA in 2018. I’ve been to NA, AA, CA, CMA, PA. I so wish there were a place just for me. Meetings are nice and I get stuff out of them, and I do think there is a solution for my addiction in AA. But — it just doesn’t feel like it fits sometimes. I’m jealous of alcoholics who can just go dump their shit at a meeting, unbridled. I am constantly using metaphors and talking around what’s really going on in my life. Would anyone support a letter to AA GSO? Can anyone relate? Is there traction around starting a new 12 step fellowship? Is there a need? Please share! xo
  11. Day 4

    right on, @eric! It's past midnight here and I'm still in the office working, on a can be done sober! yeehaw!
  12. Day 4

    my fellow day counters, @eric & @DelaneyJuliette, where do y'all live? I'm in NYC and open to hitting meetings!
  13. @DelaneyJuliette give it time!
  14. lol! @m34, peak switching between laundry and spreadsheets, I know it too well. We have to have a sense of humor about how crazy this was, yeah?
  15. Day 4

    You are never alone! I am on day 14 today. Like you, mornings are tough. I don't necessarily feel anxious, but exhausted, and those first thoughts creeping in..."oh, I don't have any adderall. I don't take adderall anymore. Shit!" (or something to that effect). I would look forward to waking up in the morning just to take a pill. But then as I dove deeper into my addiction, I wasn't even able to wake up in the morning...or if I did, I was exhausted and sleep-deprived. This morning, I woke up and threw myself a dance party. Something I like to do in sobriety is actively list the things I realize I love, but forgot about or neglected when I was using. I love music and dancing -- but I couldn't feel that when I was using, that is a SOUL thing! Make a list. Listen to music. Dance. EAT something and actually enjoy it. Sleep when you need to. Don't push yourself. And share, share, share. On these message boards and in those rooms of recovery. ♥