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  1. Almost a year off of adderall!!

    I was on Wellbutrin all throughout the months following my quit date. I stopped the Wellbutrin 2 months ago. I will say, I may need to be back on it, but my goal is to live life pharmaceutical free. I walk or run most mornings, and I just try to remind myself that I am very capable of living a good life. A year ago, I didn't even get out of bed without popping an adderall. I fully believed I literally couldn't do the simplest thing without it. I swallowed about 200 mgs daily for over a decade. I feel like it may have changed my brain chemistry, but then again, I'm hoping that I still need to give myself time to fully heal. I just take it a day at a time.
  2. The Six Month Challenge

    11 months. Almost a year. I never thought I'd get to that point!
  3. Whoa!! I haven't been on here in forever, but something told me to pop back in. I've been off of adderall for 11 months, and life is good. I very rarely think about it anymore. I still have fatigue, but it's very tolerable. Nothing compared to the miserable cycle of addiction I was in for 15 years on that awful drug. Anyway, just wanted to check in and tell anyone who thinks life isn't do-able without adderall, it is. It so is!!
  4. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Just checking in. November 24 was 5 months for me. The last month has been rough, just some big life changes, but all in all I'm ok, and still adderall free.
  5. What keeps you motivated to stay sober?

    My relationship with my little girl is better than ever. Before I was always too "busy" to truly be present and in the moment with her. Now, I truly enjoy every second with her, even the hard ones. No pill will ever take this from me again. Nothing is worth it.
  6. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Over four months clean. Treated myself to a personal trainer to step up my exercise routine. Got 12 glorious hours of sleep last night, and life is pretty damn sweet. Good job firefly!
  7. i think im ready to *quit*

    I didn't notice my Wellbutrin making much of a difference till I started taking 300mg daily. My dr said that's a good dose for adults, and I started off at 75mg and she worked me up to the 300mg.
  8. i think im ready to *quit*

    I was on aprox 250mg a day for about 15 years. I was very deep into addiction. My recovery has been tough, but doable. Exercise, rest, food, and sleep have been very healing. I also take Wellbutrin, which had really helped. The constant fatigue and brain fog have definitely gotten better at this point, as well as the constant appetite. I'm taking one day at a time, but I'm doing great. The first month wasn't fun at all for me.
  9. i think im ready to *quit*

    Ohhhh, I know your routine well. Stick with it and you'll see that you can manage to happily live life without adderall, and a productive life at that. I'm just a little over 3 months clean, and I don't regret quitting. I was on a bad downward spiral, and it had to be done. Give yourself lots of rest, yummy food, and be patient. Good job quitting!!
  10. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Today is day 110 for me. I don't think about adderall too much anymore, but was curious about my days, so I just did a calendar count. I can see now that I'll be just fine. I continue to slowly move forward, but in a happy and calm way. I can tell this will be a pretty long road, but I'm grateful I'm on it. And I'll say it again (and not for the last time), this site and the people on it are awesome. Ya'll are the only people in the world who know just how dark and how addicted I was for over a decade, and ya'll are the only ones who know what quitting adderall really means. There is SO much light at the end of my tunnel <3 On a lighter note-- Anyone wanna come clean my house??? I mostly suck at that these days....
  11. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Day 100 something for me. Life is good, folks <3
  12. The Ninety Day Challenge

    I had a blast, but glad to be home!
  13. The Ninety Day Challenge

    LOTS of buffets! And sleeping late!
  14. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Thanks! I'm more of a slot machine trying, buffet eating, once a month drinker, bedtime at 10p kind of girl. Not sure Vegas is going to be my thing, but it's been planned for a long time, and I'm going to go and enjoy my myself.
  15. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Ladies and Gents, it's day 90!!! Guess who's heading to Vegas Friday?!?! This chick! Woo hoo!